Since 2008, the group have sought to bless and encourage people in their experience of Christian life. We have been privileged to have had people graciously engage with us following our visits. Here is a sample of some of the words of encouragement and testimony that have been shared:


"You certainly modelled S.A. music ministry at its best. If some of the greats of Army music history were listening (in Heaven), I am sure they said a big “Amen” and “Hallelujah!"


"What shone through the performance, for me, was the obvious joy of the musicians in making music not just for its own sake, but for the higher purpose of sharing their love of God with their listeners."


 "The way Salvation Brass interacted with the corps folk was amazing and something that needs to be cherished"


"...thank you to you all for such powerful meetings..."


"One of the girls Dad's was there at the end of the first half and saw her enthusiasm and has said that "next time we have a band concert, he will bring his daughter rather than drop her off and pick her up..."


" are all incredibly special people of God, and I always find it really overwhelming to spend time with you all. The way you use your God given talent (which you all have crazy amounts of!!), is just so wonderful!"


"I know the Band will continue to maintain that spirit and bring Gods message to all through not only its varied musical program but also through the Christian message it projects to others."


"The future of Salvation Army banding"


"The sight of the group gathered around the flag singing 'I'm in his hands' was deeply poignant, and I think we all benefitted from this time."


"It really was a fantastic evening on Saturday and people are still talking about it - the music, the witness, et al. It was a real pleasure."


"The corps has been blessed beyond measure by the visit and ministry of Salvation Brass"


"Be assured that the Lord used your ministry on Saturday to bring challenge, encouragement and inspiration."


"Finally, we want you to know that GOD has raised up something very special and precious in SALVATION BRASS and we encourage you to let God use you big time."


"As a BM I find what SB does inspiring and with the resources we have, we will endeavour to follow SB's lead."



"You guys endeavour to bridge the gap through being real and unafraid to show enjoyment and spirit - just like the greatest musical groups of all genres do today."


"...God's presence hit me in a big and powerful way."


"...your style and flair has been talked about in such a positive way"

"...your energy throughout was amazing and your desire to serve God and to spread the gospel was infectious."


"Salvation Brass has without a doubt, kept me in the Army."


"The group is a family and without it, I would have felt lost."


"Salvation Brass has given me the opportunity to express myself in a way that I wouldn't have thought possible."